Setup Your Stall @ 30k

Fantastic opportunity for companies, businessmen, store owners, artists etc. to showcase their product and services through our strategically placed stalls and Vendor Market Area.

  • Stall space (10ft x 10ft), pole, drape, dome, table and chairs will be provided by the organizing committee.

  • Additional space will be allocated at minimum 10ft x 10ft @ ₹20,000. That means, the next biggest space will be 10ft x 20ft @ ₹50,000

  • Stall owners only need to get their own setup like backdrop, banners, standees, branding materials, products, catalogs etc.

  • Stall owners can set-up their own designed stall for which the organizers will provide the space; however there will no reduction in prices

  • Maximum 2 stall representatives (owner or staff) will get free accommodation and food. Additional staff will need to pay like any other participant.

  • Transport, handling, additional staff stay & their food etc. will be responsibility of stall owners

To book your stalls, please email  or call Kaustav Paul (+91-9890095153) or Sajeesh Nair (+91-9769XXXX53)

We also have special package for social media marketing (click the button below). This is specifically designed for those who are looking to promote their product or services through our social media platforms (website, Facebook and Instagram) only.  Stall vendors can add one of the packages to their stall package and get advantage of additional branding and marketing.

Benefits and facilities for Stall Vendors at BOBMC RM 2019

Internet connection – we have carried out careful survey around the venue and found that only JIO network is working. Other cellular networks are working only 1km outside the main venue entrance. We are working with local JIO networking team to set up boosters to further increase the signal strength (even though the current strength is sufficient) so that there is negligible chance of drop in connection. This will enable a seamless POS transaction…so no more loosing sales due to cash crunch!Stall placement – All stall will be strategically setup so that loud music is not disrupting communication between vendor ...
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