India Bull Riders Motorcycle Club, established in the year 2007.

The event will be organized around late January 2019. Dates will be communicated during Q4 2018.
Venue will be disclosed very soon, but it is in Udaipur, Rajasthan (India).
One need to register for the event along with payment of applicable fee. The event is open to all Royal Enfield motorycle riding community, clubs, solo riders and riding enthusiasts. Feel free to bring your friends and family as well.
Feel free to contact [email protected] or call Sajeesh Nair - 9769XXXX53
This event is for riding community or who can at least feel the passion for riding. It is not mandatory to ride to the event. You can come as a pillion or by any other mode of transportation. However, bear few things in mind:
  • Only Royal Enfield motorcycles will be allowed to enter the main venue & parking area
  • Few parking slots will be made available for 4 wheelers
  • Others need to park their vehicles outside the venue.  A separate parking area will be allocated.
  • Do get in touch with us if you have any queries - [email removed - contact IBRMC]
That's fantastic! The more sponsors we have, lesser the registration fee need to be passed on to the participants.
Click here to access sponsorship presentation. You can send it to potential sponsors and keep IBRMC admin team in loop. Connect us to the sponsors and we will take it from there.
You can also redirect them to Sajeesh Nair @ 9769XXXX53 or ask them to contact [email removed].
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