Custom Bike Show

For the enthusiasts who don't like to keep their machines stock, For the fanatics who leave no stone unturned to make sure their ride turns a few heads on the streets. For those among us who would have been a motorcycle designer if we were just encouraged to follow our dreams as kids. Winner of the custom motorcycle competition (Royal Enfield only) will be decided by a neutral panel of judges who will score your bike on looks, function and form. Not to mention - bragging rights to the best looking motorcycle in the country as well.

Dirt Race

Get ready to Set fire to the dirt-track this winter at BOBMC rider mania 2019. Participate in three Dirt race categories 350cc, Himalayan class and 500+ cc open category. Watch this space for more details

Obstacle Course

A course designed with the toughest challenges one faces during off-roading, where a pre-designed track and a rider with envious motorcycling skills come together. The game requires every participant to ride across an obstacle course without getting penalties for putting their leg down or going out of the track. The rider with the lowest score and least time wins the competition.

Hill Scramble

A never before seen time trial event. Race your machine up a small hill on an old hiking route. Best time on the course bags the prize. Perilous and not for the faint-hearted, but you may have a go if you want to challenge your limits.


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