Things you should know before ordering BOBMC Rider Mania 2019 Aando Kit

The Aando Kit sale began on 9th September and since then our team has received many queries related to it.  In this blog we will try to summarize the 10 things you must know before ordering the kit or Kid’s Tshirt: 

  • The sale is for both individuals and club members. The Club Name drop down is given in order to group members for bulk shipping and data analysis purpose.
  • If you do not find your club’s name in the drop down, please click here.  
  • The total amount includes all taxes and shipping charges until the first lot gets over. The next lot may have an additional fees for shipping and handling.
  • PayPal is our main payment gateway source since it is highly reliable and professional. Moreover, their rates are competitive, thus making them the preferred choice. However, they don’t provide facilities like UPI, net-banking, NEFT/IMPS, money wallet at the moment. Simultaneously, we are also working with other vendors to improve the user experience.
  • First time PayPal users are also getting 50% discount on first purchase (upto to a max amount of Rs. 200). Many of the buyers have already received this cashback in their PayPal account.  This is an added bonus.
  • Shipping will be done in two ways: 
    • Bulk shipping – To save shipping cost, we will ship bulk kits for the same club (belonging to the same location) at a centralized address provided by the club’s representative.
    • Door step delivery – For those items which do not qualify for bulk shipping, will be delivered individually to your door step.
  • Offline purchases or payments are not allowed at this moment. This is to ensure that we have a proper track of all purchases made.
  • As soon as we hit approximately 1500-2000 items sale, we will inform the vendor to start the production schedule which will usually take 1 month to complete. You can expect the kit to be delivered before November 1st week.
  • While making payment, if you receive an error like “WE ARE UNABLE TO PROCESS YOUR PAYMENT USING YOUR PAYPAL ACCOUNT” do not try to login to your PayPal account; rather try checking out as guest.
  • After making the purchase, if you want to update any of the information provided like club name, tshirt size, address, phone number etc., please email to [email removed] along with the order number. 

We have also created an FAQ page which should answer most of your queries. Please go through it at least once. Ab shopping ko Aando!!

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