Things you should know about BOBMC Rider Mania 2019 1st phase registrations

Here are few pointers that you should keep in mind before buying the registrations ticket.

  1. Registrations will start on 12th November, 2018 at 12:00 PM (India Time)
  2. This is the first phase of registration and is on a discounted rate. Next phases may have a little higher cost (but not a bomb)
  3. Tickets can be purchased through –
  4. Orders can only be placed by creating an account on the website. Guest checkout is disabled since we want to ensure that everyone can track their tickets whenever they want. Having an account will also ensure a quicker checkout during next purchases, since your billing address with name will be captured automatically.
  5. There are two modes of payments – Offline (doesn’t attract payment gateway fees) and Online (has an additional 2% payment gateway fees).  Offline mode is limited to UPI transfers only whereas, Online payment will be done through RazorPay which comes with multiple options ranging from credit card, debit card, netbanking, UPI, wallets etc.
  6. Offline payment – Orders for which offline payment is not received within 2 hours will be cancelled and put back to the stock. UPI payment is fast and doesn’t take more than 2-4 minutes to complete the transaction. Your order status will appear as “On Hold” till the time payment is not reconciled against your order.  Since it is going to be a manual process, it may take upto 1-2 days before your get a notification regarding paid status.
  7. Online payment – A payment gateway fee of 2% will be automatically added to your registrations fees that will be visible during checkout. This fee will go to RazorPay.  This mode is faster and for every successful order, you will get a confirmation email stating that your order is “processing”.  This is a positive sign! This option is good for those who want to pay via credit card, debit card, wallets or net-banking.  UPI is also available.
  8. There is no restriction on number of tickets per person.  However, each ticket is unique and should have correct details of participant holding that ticket. That being said, one person can buy multiple tickets and make bulk checkout + payment, but you need to keep adding each ticket individually with participant’s information (one by one). Otherwise, individual booking is always the best way sorted.
  9. Registration fee includes 18% GST that will appear during checkout as well as the email notification.
  10. We have created a dedicated FAQ section.  Please read it carefully.  It will be updated as we proceed and get more queries.
  11. Support related queries should be raised via Contact Us page. Alternatively, you can email us at [email removed – contact IBRMC].
  12. We have also added a live support chat link (a red button at the bottom right of the screen).  We will try to answer your queries from there too. You may expect some delay as the guys behind that chat group are into full time job 🙂
  13. Venue’s layout plan is available – click here.

Open to questions.  Use comment section if you want to ask something.  Otherwise, your contact us page, or email or send a message via live-chat.

Cheers! and #Aando

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