Benefits and facilities for Stall Vendors at BOBMC RM 2019

  1. Internet connection – we have carried out careful survey around the venue and found that only JIO network is working. Other cellular networks are working only 1km outside the main venue entrance. We are working with local JIO networking team to set up boosters to further increase the signal strength (even though the current strength is sufficient) so that there is negligible chance of drop in connection. This will enable a seamless POS transaction…so no more loosing sales due to cash crunch!
  2. Stall placement – All stall will be strategically setup so that loud music is not disrupting communication between vendor and participants. Moreover, we have planned to create a cluster (sort of Melaa) so that there is maximum exposure to all the vendors. On top of that, the cluster is planned near the common path running across the venue.
  3. Stay – Based on feedback from many vendors, we are making special arrangements for stay of staff members (upto 2 per stall) so that they don’t have to leave their stall and worry about the inventory. We have combined the accommodation and stall in a way that front portion will be used as display/sales area and a makeshift bedroom will be available at the backside. In other words, the complete stall area will be 10ft x 16ft which will be used as – 10ft x 10ft for stall and 10ft x 6ft for bedroom. Common toilets and bathroom will be built near the stall area.
  4. Complementary promotion – We will post a common blog (1 to 2) containing list of all vendors on our website. This is 100% free and complementary.
  5. Dedicated point of contact – Each stall cluster will be assigned a dedicated POC to look out into the requirements. This POC will be available throughout the duration of stall timing.

We welcome for fruitful discussion on this topic to further improve our vendor’s experience. Please post your comments below.

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